I spoke with Sharon Marcil, Chief Marketing Officer at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Global Chair of BCG’s Client team. Sharon has spent most of her career at BCG serving clients. Throughout her 28 years at BCG, she has taken on a diverse array of leadership roles, from running the firm’s Global Women’s Initiative to leading BCG’s Consumer and Retail practice from both a North American and Global level. …

Alex Konrad, senior editor at Forbes

I spoke with Alex Konrad, senior editor at Forbes, where he covers tech with a focus on venture capital, cloud, and enterprise software. He is the editor of the Midas List, Midas List Europe, Cloud 100 List, and 30 Under 30 for Venture Capital and has written more than a dozen cover stories on subjects including Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Canva CEO Melanie Perkins and SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son.

Alex was a member of Quincy House and graduated from Harvard in 2011. He was always interested in writing but given the liberal arts nature of Harvard’s curriculum, he was able…

Scott Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer at Lux Capital

I spoke with Scott Rubin, chief marketing officer at Lux Capital. Scott studied literature at Harvard and took a nontraditional path into tech. He had always been quite entrepreneurial, and none of the more mainstream career paths (such as banking, law, or medicine) spoke to him, so after graduation, he moved to Madrid and started a cross cultural communications consulting agency. He was fluent at Spanish, having studied it at Harvard and even served as an interpreter for the Department of Justice in Boston in his senior year.

After several years in Madrid, Scott was drawn to NYC, where he…

Suelin Chen, CEO and co-founder of Cake

I spoke with Suelin Chen, CEO and co-founder of Cake, the leading online platform for navigating mortality. Cake serves 1.5 million people each month and works with world class partners in healthcare and financial services, including some of the largest care organizations and banks in the world.

Suelin’s mission has always been to make a difference through healthcare. She got her undergraduate degree and PhD from MIT where she focused on prognostic tools in oncology. …

Matthew Arnold, Global Head of Sustainable Finance at JPMorgan Chase

I spoke with Matthew Arnold, Global Head of Sustainable Finance at JPMorgan Chase.

Matthew’s passion for the environment first stemmed from his love for the outdoors. After graduating Harvard Business School, he was deciding between 2 paths: entering investment banking or founding a nonprofit. He chose the latter, founding a nonprofit that aimed to show that environmental stewardship could be a source of competitive advantage for companies (which at the time in 1989 was quite a contrarian perspective). He worked closely with 150 business schools exchanging insights and learnings on the topic of sustainability in corporations. Larger companies hired his…

Kadama team

To set the context could you share more about your founding story?

My name is Amin Shaykho and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Kadama, an app breaking the stigma GEN-Z have towards learning. Together with my co-founders Marwan El-Rukby (COO) and brother Dani Shaykho (VP of Product Marketing), we’ve grown our app to over 300,000 downloads with a peak Apple App Store ranking of #2 in Education.

During high school (2012–2016) I had no idea what I wanted to do. So, I decided to join a few organizations that help the community and quickly fell in love with the…

I spoke with Sunanda Pepalla, Chief of Staff and Operations in the Technology Strategy Office at Dell.

Sunanda received her masters in engineering and began her career in technical roles. Over time, she realized that she worked best at and most enjoyed work that drew on a blend of technical and soft skills. So she gravitated toward program management, where she started as an engineering program manager. In this capacity, she became exposed to and worked with many different departments from R&D to business planning. …

Jaye Goldstein, Head of Program at Petri

To set the context, could you share more about your journey to Petri?

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve spent my career working at the intersection of education and innovation. At first I was focused on being an innovative educator and then I became passionate about large-scale change. I have worked in every sector and with every age group trying to find that sweet spot where my skills and experiences are best leveraged for impact.

In 2012, right after I had my son, I was drawn to an opportunity at MIT: the Department of Biological Engineering posted that they were looking for someone to support their students in learning how to communicate effectively…

David Dintenfass

I spoke with David Dintenfass, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Experience Design at Fidelity Investments. In his role, Mr. Dintenfass leads Fidelity’s retail customer strategy, enterprise experience design, marketing, and brand.

Prior to joining Fidelity in July, 2015, Mr. Dintenfass spent five years at Bank of America, Inc. in a variety of strategy and marketing roles including Head of Marketing for Consumer Banking and Wealth Management, leading marketing and digital sales across Merrill Lynch, US Trust, and Bank of America’s Consumer Bank.

Prior to Bank of America, Mr. Dintenfass was at Procter & Gamble, Inc. in a variety of…

I spoke with Charlene Banard, Global Head of Technical Operations in Cell and Gene Therapy at Novartis. Charlene studied biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology and has spent her career in the biotech space in senior leadership roles at companies including Chiron, Cell Genesys, Gilead Sciences, Shire, and Takeda prior to joining Novartis.

Charlene saw the rapidly growing opportunity to create life saving therapies through cell and gene therapy, specifically through CAR T-Cell Therapy. So when the role at Novartis in the cell and gene therapy group came up, she was excited to join the innovation focused company.

Charlene shared…

Jess Li

Harvard Grad | Head of Content @ Elpha (YC S19) & Harvard in Tech | Marketing @ ZAGENO | https://linktr.ee/jessicali

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