• Auriel Wright

    Auriel Wright

    Elle η‘žε°” | Cofounder of www.strattyx.com | Computer Science Student @Harvard | https://www.linkedin.com/in/auriel-wright-44346b5a/

  • Pryce A. Yebesi

    Pryce A. Yebesi

  • Pedro Botija

    Pedro Botija

  • Brooke LeBlanc

    Brooke LeBlanc

    M&A Advisory sales at Donnelley Financial. Life learner whose past lives include BGB Group & AKQA. Based out of NY, NY.

  • Zhenchao Zhou

    Zhenchao Zhou

  • Sue Wang

    Sue Wang

  • Lou Mata

    Lou Mata


  • Chas Pulido

    Chas Pulido

    General Partner @ Alix Ventures: Supporting Early Stage Life Science Startups Engineering Biology to Drive Radical Advances in Human Health πŸš€

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